Watch Your Wheels

In Pennsylvania, we can reduce the number of auto thefts by making sure our new drivers are informed about what they need to do to keep their cars safe.

We know that for teens, driving is a key to independence. So we're arming them with the knowledge to protect their cars—and their freedom. WatchYourWheels.org, our new educational tool, will help young drivers avoid becoming victims of auto theft.

WatchYourWheels.org is fun—part movie, part interactive car customizer, with a few quiz questions interspersed. Encourage teens to check it out, take the quiz and print their completion certificate. Don't be shy about taking it for a spin yourself—you can have fun brushing up on your auto theft prevention knowledge as well! (If you don't have a school or insurance code, use “guest.”)


50 helpful tips
Take the ATPA car for a spin to see smart, practical suggestions for how you can better protect your vehicle from thieves.
Auto theft myths
Discover some of the most common misconceptions about auto theft and see how being a victim can have a dramatic effect on your life.
County statistics
Want to see how your county compares to others in PA? Use this tool to view theft
rate statistics since 1998.

What is the Authority ?
Established by the General Assembly (Act 171 of 1994), the Authority exists "to establish, coordinate, and fund activities in (Pennsylvania) to prevent, combat, and reduce automobile theft..."

Our goal is to combat auto theft through tough laws, improved enforcement and administration, effective prosecution, and public education

The Authority uses no tax dollars. Its funds are raised through annual assessments paid by nearly 400 auto insurance companies doing business in Pennsylvania. These funds facilitate a cooperative effort by the insurance industry, law enforcement agencies, and the citizens of the commonwealth.
Upcoming VINetchings

None scheduled at this time.

VINetching is the chemical etching of your vehicle identification number (VIN) on all of your vehicle's glass (windows, windshield, sunroof). The process takes less than 15 minutes and does not harm or detract from the vehicle's appearance. VINetching helps prevent theft. Thieves are less likely to steal a VINetched vehicle because they would have to replace or deface all of the vehicle's glass so it couldn't be identified as stolen.  For  more information, contact us
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